Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver

Wednesday, April 02nd, 2008 8:47am

Colloidal Silver has been a vital part of society for many, many generations. Even the Greeks had actualized usage for colloidal silver Now

They utilized the preservative qualities in silver and used it in all of their liquids to preserve freshness. The Egyptians used colloidal silver in making bandages to fight infections. The Druids used colloidal silver to disinfect their drinking water. Also, it was observed that royal families who used silver plates, utensils, and cookware were getting minute amounts of silver on a daily basis. These royal families tended to live long and healthy lives (much more than the average person who did not have the privilege of eating all of his meals with a touch of silver).

Much later in history, when the settlers were trekking across America, they utilized silver coins to preserve their drinking water and milk (the agitation of the coins during travel produced colloidal silver). These coins were placed in a flask and drastically prolonged spoilage and the growth of bacteria. Then, in the 20th century, colloidal silver was used extensively by all doctors until penicillin was discovered. Many doctors used silver-laced bandages to fight off infections. Eventually, silver nitrate was developed to clean out wounds. However, it was later found that silver nitrate does not have the good qualities that colloidal silver has on tissue.

In the 1970s, Dr. Harry Margraf and Carl Moyer received a grant to find better treatment of burn victims. They researched this extensively and found colloidal silver to be an excellent topical treatment for burn victims. It can be applied in large quantities, is completely non-toxic, and was found to cause little discomfort in the burn victims.

In 1978, Jim Powell conducted research for Science Digest that illustrated the bacterial and viral fighting power of colloidal silver . One of the facts that Jim Powell pointed out is that, unlike antibiotics, in the body virus fails to develop resistance viral strains to colloidal silver. An antibiotic can fight ten to twelve infections while silver can fight hundreds.
Because antibiotics were grossly over-used throughout the twentieth century, their effectiveness is diminishing rapidly. Over time, everyone’s body develops resistances to these helpful prescriptions. Unfortunately, this leaves doctors scrambling.
As a result, there has been a resurgence of medical interest in colloidal silver as an alternative to antibiotics. This inspired NASA’s interest in the unique substance. They began using silver to preserve and purify water as well as fighting infections.
Today, many hospitals have installed water purifying systems that use colloidal silver as their primary pathogen-fighting ingredient.

Doctor Robert Beck of Upstate Medical Center of New York conducted extensive research on colloidal silver. He studied the ways in which the silver attacks the pathogens and the way in which the virus or bacteria is destroyed. He found that silver water stimulated growth of various tissues in wounds and eliminated dead tissues.

To see the profound effects of colloidal silver, one only has to travel as far as the computer. There are countless testimonials from unpaid people praising silver water’s healing ability. People with ailments from acne to cancer have left testimonies on the web that they found relief in the healing powers of colloidal silver.

colloidal silver

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Colloidal Silver History

Friday, April 04th, 2008 7:40pm

Colloidal silver is found naturally in the plants we eat. In the natural process colloidal silver gets into our bodies through the food we eat. Colloidal silver gets in the food through living soil where living organisms in healthy soil, break down the soil so plants are provided minerals in a form assimilable to the colloidal silver NowBy assimilating the plant nutrients the minerals are transferred in our digestive tract, where our bodies utilize the captured organic (chelated) minerals, through the blood stream to the various organs of our body. Hence, we get colloidal silver from plants. If we cannot assimilate colloidal silver for some reason or as the tissues age, we develop a deficiency and an impaired immune system may lead to cancer in some cases.

Colloidal Silver has been known to be a bactericide for at least 1200 years. Even the people in ancient times, believed that silver could prevent disease and it was said that disease could not be transmitted by drinking from a silver cup. To prevent the spoilage of milk and other drinks, silver coins were commonly dropped into the jar holding these drinks and silver containers were used to prolong the freshness of foods in general. Until almost 1970 scientists put a silver dime in a Petri dish to sterilize the dish. Silver plates were used in the surgical repair of bones since several years. The royal people carried water in silver vessels in the belief that this water would help them maintain their health. Before refrigeration a silver dollar was placed in containers of milk to maintain freshness. It was the primary antibiotic used by the wealthy before the advent of penicillin in 1938.

Later on, in about 1920s to 40s, silver was powdered to a very fine powder like flour and suspended in water. This solution was used orally for many infections and disease conditions, topically on burns and for fungal infections. Over 650 bacteria, virus, and fungi were considered treatable with colloidal silver in 1938. With the development of patented antibiotics, colloidal silver was fused less in the United States and most other places, although the antibiotics were only effective against bacteria, not viruses, yeast, or fungi, as colloidal silver had been.

Today however with the number of diseases increasing almost everyday people are once again trying to revert to the past and looking for respite in the traditional methods of cure. Now, with the greatly improved modern colloids, the tables are turning and colloidal silver is once again becoming the method of choice.

colloidal silver

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Colloidal Silver to be Regulated by EPA in 5 Days

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015 4:14pm

THE EPA IS TO VOTE IN FIVE DAYS TO DECLARE COLLOIDAL SILVER A PESTICIDE (because colloidal silver is known to kill bacteria and virus) and therefore will regulate the distribution of COLLOIDAL SILVER! You can make a difference. Email the EPA and Tell the EPA to stay out of your God given health choices!buy colloidal silver Now

The FDA has long weaseled themselves into a position of administrative “color of law” claiming that they have the authority (law) to regulate supplements which include COLLOIDAL SILVER. THEY HAVE LIED, SUED FALSELY, ATTEMPTED ENTRAPMENT to prevent you from making a decision to buy an herb or supplement.

The latest news is a “secreted vote” by the EPA to regulate COLLOIDAL SILVER under the guise of “pesticide” because of the claims that colloidal silver kills bacteria. Even though the EPA is asking to regulate nano-sized silver particle products, they will gain the free hand to regulate ALL COLLOIDAL SILVER. The FDA now gets its “brother” (EPA) to attempt to gain control that the miscreants have failed to conquer.

In the next 5 days there will be a vote by the EPA to ignore our Constitutional Rights and by administrative action just “SAY” they now have the right to preclude you from having a free choice of buying the supplement, COLLOIDAL SILVER, on a free market (unregulated by “doctors”) EVER AGAIN! ( THE EPA will allow any company that submits the environmental and other safety studies at the cost of millions of dollars each to continue in business if the EPA deems the compliant company is worthy…

The real reason this new stepping stone “regulation” on COLLOIDAL SILVER is coming to play is the billions of dollars in profits that the pharmaceutical empire stands to profit on sales of ALL VITAMINS, HERBS and SUPPLEMENTS is enough for them to get the FDA and EPA to “take out the competition” starting with colloidal silver companies!

Several colloidal silver companies have been investigated, sued, harassed and shadowed for the past 7 years. That cost has been millions paid by the colloidal silver companies in defenses. They have been targeted individually so the expense of defense will take them out if the lawsuit fails. So far the refusal to accept the non-constitutional authority of the FDA/EPA in the administrative color of law courts has given us a few years of freedom of choice. If these “regulatory agencies” are allowed without objection by the people, to take away our right to by colloidal silver, it will pave the way to their ultimate objective which is to eliminate ALL HERBS, SUPPLEMENTS and VITAMINS to be bought without a prescription. These fabricated codes and laws that are in violation of constitutionally protected unalienable rights will be enforced in spite of the Declaration of Independence if you don’t ACT NOW!

The touted blue man, Paul Karason was paraded around by the “powers that want to CONTROL US” to the media and talk shows in the U S. as a declaration of how unsafe colloidal silver is to use. Even though Mr. Karason declared that silver had saved his life, the message that the pharmaceutical empire portrayed was that colloidal silver turns you blue and is dangerous. Mr. Karason made it clear that he made his own salt contaminated ionic silver and drank over 14 ounces a day for years. After all media attention died Mr. Karason, at the request of the Today Show, got a complete physical at Mount Sinai and was given a clean bill of health. Even though Paul Karason took an improper form of silver, he claims that, “I would rather be blue than dead, silver saved my life”.

The revived Rosemary Jacobs story (Blue Lady) brought on more pharmaceutical empire directed speeches and media interviews. Here again the MOST IMPORTANT FACT THAT SHE TURNED BLUE USING SILVER NITRATE UNDER THE DIRECTION OF HER PHYSICIAN was conveniently left out.

Now, we begin to see what appears to be a well orchestrated shill game to abolish the ability to purchase colloidal silver on an open market by the absurd idea of classifying colloidal silver as a pesticide because it kills such pests as viruses, bacteria and fungi and therefore under a BOGUS definition it is an anti-microbial agent that falls within the EPA definition of a pesticide. The FDA’s arbitrary definition of any herb, vitamin or supplement that implies health benefits must mean it is really a drug, and conveniently allow the FDA to persecute and suppress natural supplements, fruit and herb growers who dare tell the true health accounts about their products’ health benefits. What about bleach, alcoholic beverages, germicidal soaps, household disinfectants, olive leaf extract, tea tree oil, vegetables and fruit, are they pesticides too?

Allow Your Opinion to Count
This form asks for your “Organizational Name”
1.) Fill this in with, “CONCERNED CITIZEN”, “WE THE PEOPLE” “AMERICAN” or any way you want to identify yourself. Do not use an organization name.

2.) Under comments tell the EPA to not to Vote to regulate Colloidal Silver. Or your personal comments why you object to this government regulation.
EMAIL the EPA at this web address:

You may also CC: email EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson with your comments against the petition to have silver regulated as a “pesticide” here:

You may fax to EPA, addressed to Administrator Stephen Johnson, at: Fax: 202-501-1450

You must reference Docket # EPA-HQ-OPP-2008-0650.

You should reference the “Petition for Rulemaking Requesting EPA Regulate Nanoscale Silver Products as Pesticides.”

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Reviewing Cyanotech Corporation (CYAN)'s and China Biologic Products Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:CBPO)'s results  The Yomi Blog

We are comparing Cyanotech Corporation (NASDAQ:CYAN) and China Biologic Products Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:CBPO) on their institutional ownership, ...

Female gametes prefer sperm with different immune genes

Through clever partner selection, animals can increase the future success of their offspring. With some species, this process continues even after the sex act.

On The Keto Diet? You May Want To Consider These Supplements

It's official: the ketogenic diet has gone mainstream. As a functional medicine practitioner, I have used the health benefits of ketosis with patients for years, and ...

Woman's Liver Problems Tied to Her Turmeric Supplement  Live Science

Turmeric supplements are popular these days, but for one woman in Arizona, taking a turmeric supplement may have triggered an uncommon liver problem, ...


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