Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver History

Colloidal silver is found naturally in the plants we eat. In the natural process colloidal silver gets into our bodies through the food we eat. Colloidal silver gets in the food through living soil where living organisms in healthy soil, break down the soil so plants are provided minerals in a form assimilable to the colloidal silver NowBy assimilating the plant nutrients the minerals are transferred in our digestive tract, where our bodies utilize the captured organic (chelated) minerals, through the blood stream to the various organs of our body. Hence, we get colloidal silver from plants. If we cannot assimilate colloidal silver for some reason or as the tissues age, we develop a deficiency and an impaired immune system may lead to cancer in some cases.

Colloidal Silver has been known to be a bactericide for at least 1200 years. Even the people in ancient times, believed that silver could prevent disease and it was said that disease could not be transmitted by drinking from a silver cup. To prevent the spoilage of milk and other drinks, silver coins were commonly dropped into the jar holding these drinks and silver containers were used to prolong the freshness of foods in general. Until almost 1970 scientists put a silver dime in a Petri dish to sterilize the dish. Silver plates were used in the surgical repair of bones since several years. The royal people carried water in silver vessels in the belief that this water would help them maintain their health. Before refrigeration a silver dollar was placed in containers of milk to maintain freshness. It was the primary antibiotic used by the wealthy before the advent of penicillin in 1938.

Later on, in about 1920s to 40s, silver was powdered to a very fine powder like flour and suspended in water. This solution was used orally for many infections and disease conditions, topically on burns and for fungal infections. Over 650 bacteria, virus, and fungi were considered treatable with colloidal silver in 1938. With the development of patented antibiotics, colloidal silver was fused less in the United States and most other places, although the antibiotics were only effective against bacteria, not viruses, yeast, or fungi, as colloidal silver had been.

Today however with the number of diseases increasing almost everyday people are once again trying to revert to the past and looking for respite in the traditional methods of cure. Now, with the greatly improved modern colloids, the tables are turning and colloidal silver is once again becoming the method of choice.

colloidal silver

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