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Colloidal Silver to be Regulated by EPA in 5 Days

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

THE EPA IS TO VOTE IN FIVE DAYS TO DECLARE COLLOIDAL SILVER A PESTICIDE (because colloidal silver is known to kill bacteria and virus) and therefore will regulate the distribution of COLLOIDAL SILVER! You can make a difference. Email the EPA and Tell the EPA to stay out of your God given health choices!buy colloidal silver Now

The FDA has long weaseled themselves into a position of administrative “color of law” claiming that they have the authority (law) to regulate supplements which include COLLOIDAL SILVER. THEY HAVE LIED, SUED FALSELY, ATTEMPTED ENTRAPMENT to prevent you from making a decision to buy an herb or supplement.

The latest news is a “secreted vote” by the EPA to regulate COLLOIDAL SILVER under the guise of “pesticide” because of the claims that colloidal silver kills bacteria. Even though the EPA is asking to regulate nano-sized silver particle products, they will gain the free hand to regulate ALL COLLOIDAL SILVER. The FDA now gets its “brother” (EPA) to attempt to gain control that the miscreants have failed to conquer.

In the next 5 days there will be a vote by the EPA to ignore our Constitutional Rights and by administrative action just “SAY” they now have the right to preclude you from having a free choice of buying the supplement, COLLOIDAL SILVER, on a free market (unregulated by “doctors”) EVER AGAIN! ( THE EPA will allow any company that submits the environmental and other safety studies at the cost of millions of dollars each to continue in business if the EPA deems the compliant company is worthy…

The real reason this new stepping stone “regulation” on COLLOIDAL SILVER is coming to play is the billions of dollars in profits that the pharmaceutical empire stands to profit on sales of ALL VITAMINS, HERBS and SUPPLEMENTS is enough for them to get the FDA and EPA to “take out the competition” starting with colloidal silver companies!

Several colloidal silver companies have been investigated, sued, harassed and shadowed for the past 7 years. That cost has been millions paid by the colloidal silver companies in defenses. They have been targeted individually so the expense of defense will take them out if the lawsuit fails. So far the refusal to accept the non-constitutional authority of the FDA/EPA in the administrative color of law courts has given us a few years of freedom of choice. If these “regulatory agencies” are allowed without objection by the people, to take away our right to by colloidal silver, it will pave the way to their ultimate objective which is to eliminate ALL HERBS, SUPPLEMENTS and VITAMINS to be bought without a prescription. These fabricated codes and laws that are in violation of constitutionally protected unalienable rights will be enforced in spite of the Declaration of Independence if you don’t ACT NOW!

The touted blue man, Paul Karason was paraded around by the “powers that want to CONTROL US” to the media and talk shows in the U S. as a declaration of how unsafe colloidal silver is to use. Even though Mr. Karason declared that silver had saved his life, the message that the pharmaceutical empire portrayed was that colloidal silver turns you blue and is dangerous. Mr. Karason made it clear that he made his own salt contaminated ionic silver and drank over 14 ounces a day for years. After all media attention died Mr. Karason, at the request of the Today Show, got a complete physical at Mount Sinai and was given a clean bill of health. Even though Paul Karason took an improper form of silver, he claims that, “I would rather be blue than dead, silver saved my life”.

The revived Rosemary Jacobs story (Blue Lady) brought on more pharmaceutical empire directed speeches and media interviews. Here again the MOST IMPORTANT FACT THAT SHE TURNED BLUE USING SILVER NITRATE UNDER THE DIRECTION OF HER PHYSICIAN was conveniently left out.

Now, we begin to see what appears to be a well orchestrated shill game to abolish the ability to purchase colloidal silver on an open market by the absurd idea of classifying colloidal silver as a pesticide because it kills such pests as viruses, bacteria and fungi and therefore under a BOGUS definition it is an anti-microbial agent that falls within the EPA definition of a pesticide. The FDA’s arbitrary definition of any herb, vitamin or supplement that implies health benefits must mean it is really a drug, and conveniently allow the FDA to persecute and suppress natural supplements, fruit and herb growers who dare tell the true health accounts about their products’ health benefits. What about bleach, alcoholic beverages, germicidal soaps, household disinfectants, olive leaf extract, tea tree oil, vegetables and fruit, are they pesticides too?

Allow Your Opinion to Count
This form asks for your “Organizational Name”
1.) Fill this in with, “CONCERNED CITIZEN”, “WE THE PEOPLE” “AMERICAN” or any way you want to identify yourself. Do not use an organization name.

2.) Under comments tell the EPA to not to Vote to regulate Colloidal Silver. Or your personal comments why you object to this government regulation.
EMAIL the EPA at this web address:

You may also CC: email EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson with your comments against the petition to have silver regulated as a “pesticide” here:

You may fax to EPA, addressed to Administrator Stephen Johnson, at: Fax: 202-501-1450

You must reference Docket # EPA-HQ-OPP-2008-0650.

You should reference the “Petition for Rulemaking Requesting EPA Regulate Nanoscale Silver Products as Pesticides.”

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